• chapter 6

    comfortable numb

    Narration pt 1

    I thought it couldn't get any worse. Heartbreak, confusion, being taken... but it did. & in an effort to protect myself I shut off all emotions.

  • Songs

    & music video concepts

  • Narration pt two

  • spoken word poetry

    I'm sorry i'm traumatized

  • Gonna Take time

    final song of chapter

    Listen here

    Music video concept

    • Girl walks into studio (Saki’s). The digital clock starts her studio session. ( The time it reads is the same time the clock had struck from last video)
    • She looks tired, messy bun, large shirt. She breathes in, eyes closed. 
    • Cut in: (Time lapse of the sun rising.) 
    • Back to her in studio. Her eyes open. And she begins to sing in studio as song cues. 
    • (Cuts into time lapse of a plant/flower beginning to grow) 
    • Cuts back to studio. The room around her begins to change. The walls are covered in clocks. And the mic begins to fade, etc. 
    • She opens her eyes and she is in apartment room with all these clocks as shes singing. She begins to put a clock outside her door. 
    • ( Cut in of time lapse of sun setting and turning into night) 
    • Cut: She brings another clock outside her door.
    • Cut: (Time lapse of stars coming out.) Another clock while shes singing. 
    • (Time lapse of plant still growing, sun rising to day time) Another clock is placed outside her door. 
    • (Clouds come out, rains, plant is growing on a windowsill) Another clock. 
    • (Sun comes out and dries up rain in time lapse) Another clock. (Sun sets) A bunch of clocks moved outside her door. 
    • (Night time again to sun rising, plant is budding)
    • She moves the rest of the clocks outside to see the sun rise. Comes back to empty room, singing, dancing. And moves the last clock outside to her door. 
    • She picks up her coffee mug with a taco logo on it. Smiles at it.
    • Cuts in to show that the flower is fully blossomed. And time lapse of sun setting and fading into black again.
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